Prove: A Story in Parts


The chapters to come will tell the story of three high school children. All of them are Indian and the setting of the story is a non-descript city in India, a cosmopolitan. The school is named The Centre For Excellence and it only admits into its fold, the best students in the country. Abhilasha, one of the protagonists is new to School whilst the other two protagonist’s Shreya and Parth have been going to this school since they were little.

The narrative will explore the journey of these children, The common thread tying them would be the desperation, the burning desire to Prove themselves in some way or other- hence the title. Shreya needs to prove to her parents how she is a model student though under the garb of seeming placidity, a cyclone revolves. Parth needs to prove to himself that he is a good person whilst Abhi’s only aim is to outperform and be better that neighbor Adiktha, to step out of her shadow. Shadows of the past claw at the throats of all protagonists and only in the confrontation of those sepulchers, will some peace be obtained.

I’ve never known how to showcase or sell my work; this is the best I can do for now. Elements in the story will mirror a Greek Tragedy and events spiral out of control and our protagonists find themselves in very dire straits, oftentimes with a resolution but sometimes, not.

In a sentence, what I attempt to do via this venture is to tell the story of Millions of children, who are subject to pressures absolutely out of their control, the tyranny of the system strains the individual to the breaking point very often, more often than we would like. However, though the individual breaks, for reasons one could arguably call the right ones, something of humanity is saved.

I will publish 3 chapters a week, with a day’s gap in the middle, I hope it will be something you will enjoy reading, but also think about. Thought is what powers us, it is a beautiful thing.