The Trials of a Writer

Being a writer is fantastic really.

You get the wonderful opportunity to shed ink upon,




and experiences,

That matter to you.

That make a difference to your sliver of the universe.


The trials of a writer are

most acutely observed

most painfully observed,

most beautifully observed

When on occasion…..

The writers heart aches to be a part of,

as opposed to viscerally feel.

those experiences she can only write about

in silence.


Maybe Tolkien wanted to go on a real quest with Frodo,

And go There and Back again with Bilbo.

Could Twain have wished to comfort Oliver Twist

And therefore gave him a happy ending to call his?

Maybe Hosseini wished to offer the disconsolate Mariam,

A kind sweet gentle helping hand?


But the writer will continue to write,

and write with a show of ease,

Because sometimes the things that contain the most pain.

Offers sweetest release.


They then remember in those very moments,

That the experiences they long to be a part of

Are already,

A part of them.



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