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This is an incident that happened happened a few days age but getting it out of my head has been difficult. It meanders along the synapses of imagination and pricks at the seat pf reason or the mind. Why I ask myself is there so much discrepancy in what we have. We complain about having smaller houses or cars or salaries not realizing that some people do not even have those things.

To the passive reader it is an ordinary event that happens to anyone at anytime. It need not even be too significant to the lives of most. But it hit me, one inexperienced in the ways of the world and it hit me hard.

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  1. Ragazza Triste

    True. We complain about not having an iPhone, some people doesn’t have anything at all. We complain about our jobs, but some people desperately tries to get a job. I mean, we cannot be contented, we always something more, we can never be happy.

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