The self and the selfie


Snap snap..snap snap….click away,

On your smartphone, posting pics … to know what other people will say,

What other people will think.

Waiting for your fickle esteem to soar or sink.

you attempt fashion yourself into a vision of seeming perfection on tape

Posing with a pout, a twirl a smize or a fish gape.

When I look at you I see how you facial features have become a slave to empty likes.

Your face glows with every popularity hike.

your breathing rate changes with each comment.

your eyes flutter frantically over what Anil has to say… and Darya and Kent.

There is an actual human being under that selfie,

A self, who need not besmirch her face with lackme bronzer to cover up her acne

Because the selfie can hardly hope to capture the awesomeness in you,

but you worship it, tricked into believing that it is true.


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