The humble humanist

The second edition of CircleSpace

Downcast eyes, pursed lips, rigid spine and a tumult of thoughts : irrefutable symptoms of a body turgid with shame.

Shame sweeps through us all, making us feel alien to our own bodies, immobilizing our spirits with its frigid grip. It also makes us flush and burn with the emotions of guilt, confusion and an exigent desire to set things right, justify ourselves or escape our predicament. How then, does this disconcerting emotion help us? fashion_sustainability_and_the_misplacement_of_shame_notjustalabel_700944632.png
The bedrock of shame spans almost the entirety of human experience. It would rather serve us better to observe its effects than its roots.
The intensity of shame has only a threadbare connection with its temporal aspect, for flashes of excruciating experiences assail us with unmitigated force regardless of our age at the time of their initial occurrence. Coupled with this is the unpredictability of  such revisitations. Our minds dip…

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