The Stress of an Interview.

The humble humanist

"Can I put in a claim for interview trauma compensation?"

Is my hair ok? Will my haircut point to the fact that I am a rebel?

I hope they do not think my outfit was too over the top….

Will they know that I fibbed that last question?

How do I strike the middle ground between my self and blandness?

How strong must my opinions come across?

Is the competition as tough as the last year?


Such is the nature of questions that will probably plague thy soul before an interview of any sort. Don’t worry, I doubt you are alone on this one.

An interview is a wholesome stressful experience even after rigorous preparation. The reason for this is because we do not know the person who will take our interview and what kind of answers they expect. Insofar in my life I have attended only one interview for college and I walked out with the full confidence that…

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