The Stress of an Interview.

"Can I put in a claim for interview trauma compensation?"


Is my hair ok? Will my haircut point to the fact that I am a rebel?

I hope they do not think my outfit was too over the top….

Will they know that I fibbed that last question?

How do I strike the middle ground between my self and blandness?

How strong must my opinions come across?

Is the competition as tough as the last year?




Such is the nature of questions that will probably plague thy soul before an interview of any sort. Don’t worry, I doubt you are alone on this one.

An interview is a wholesome stressful experience even after rigorous preparation. The reason for this is because we do not know the person who will take our interview and what kind of answers they expect. Insofar in my life I have attended only one interview for college and I walked out with the full confidence that I had excelled and there would be a letter begging my to join. I might as will have hoped to be the vice chancellor of the universe because the odds of that happening were probable the same.



I was not given admission into the college in spite of the fact that the individual who took my interview asked a 12th grader to make 3 inter textual references on spot. (And if I may add with some pride…I did)

I was wait-listed.

Yupp, it was as painful as it sounds. In the end they never did get back to me and the list of mails that followed were short and badly written. Eventually I resigned myself the the fact that I was not going there. However my reaction to not getting into that college surprised no one more than me. Sure I was a little shocked and a little disappointed….But I felt fine, otherwise and even went so far as to comforting my parents.

I reason for this is a simple one but difficult to explain as most truly simple things are.

The bottom line I feel in that our thoughts, feelings and opinions mirror the world too much. We more often that not, judge ourselves by what the man in front of us has to say. This dictum of the world, and its holy gavel, resounds with judgments about our person. How rich we are,how smart we are,how pretty we are…We tend to absorb those judgements so willingly….. what others feel about us and how they evaluate us. We believe it to be true in addition.

The fact is that there are going to be times where we are excluded, the last man picked or not picked at all in my case. The point then is that maybe we are still worthy human beings,we still harbor some intrinsic val use to be respected, loved and to be infinite. Our parents may say something and our friends may whisper behind our backs. But we need to take one look at our own reflection in the mirror, get down on one knees and tell that reflection,

“I love you”

And trust me when I say that your reflection will say it back to you.

Oftentimes we may not be picked for an interview, even though it is something we really.What i am trying to say is that we do not become unworthy as a consequence. We are truly untrue to ourselves when we put up a Facade in order to “Get in” somewhere. Just know that the cost of you person must not be sold for some paltry seat.

Teach him to sell his talent and brains to the highest bidder,

But never to put a price on his heart and soul.

Abraham Lincoln (Letter to his sons teacher )

I had no guilt with regards to not doing my best at the interview and I was my whole authentic self. I had no regrets. What I would have felt guilty about is being a yes man to get in. It would have compromised my integrity and moral values.

When I did not get into that college, I did not think as I generally do….

“Damn, I’m a loser”

What I did think is that, “Well this is just not for me.” Even after this initial recognition, I felt insufficient sometimes…..But I was aware. Aware that I was worth more. You are worth more.


And as the DILBERT comic proves, any venture does require copious amounts of luck!

The way you perceive yourself and believe in yourself is what will stand you in good stead in the long run. Interviews come and go but You my friend are here for the long run.


Love Always



  1. Anonymous

    I soooo agree, Humble Humanist! Everything is measured in success and failure; won or lost! Thanks for bringing in this fresh perspective into the lives of young vulnerable readers.

    Liked by 1 person

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