Destruction-An introduction.

We all face conflicts in varying intensities through the course of our lives, and I have noticed that it is human tendency to try and find solutions to these problems. However, more often than not, I have found that in my pursuit to uncover the root of my problems, I only feed the already raging fire of mental discord. As a result, I tend to give up all expectation and surrender to whatever destruction my mind wishes to subject me to. It is not that I find any solutions to my problems at the end of this but I oddly do feel more at peace with myself.  

Insignificance is poetry.

But poetry is not insignificant.

To be insignificant is to become.

Chaos and order are two sides of the same coin,

as is destruction and birth,

as is beauty and terror.

Charcoal strokes on silken white

pregnant with meaning

yet meaningless to the mundane.

My mundane is composed of Fear and desperation for absence,

which formulate self-loathing,

and eventually self-destruction.

Whoever said, “To self destruct is to liberate.”

But not in absence. You must be Here.

To be Here is to indulge in the very feeling you desire to fight.

Unarm your steel thoughts,

your cognitive weaponry.

Knowledge will not help,

It will only try to heal and find purpose.

No. To dissolve is to de-solve.


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