A Prayer – Kathua


When we think of a girl of 8, what one perceives the child as may be variable, she may be boyish, with short hair or shy or small with large almond shaped eyes. However one unifying quality which most individuals may picture a little girl, not without some slight nostalgic smile is a certain innocence, pristine and beautiful.


Hard it must be then to think of that very girl held hostage,

And raped

And brutally murdered.

The insult does not end there, Her parents had no place to bury her body because the burial land was owned by Hindu right wing youth.Such is the tragedy of a girl who we shall call Aisha (Wrong name), a Muslim girl who lived in the Rassana area of theĀ  . Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir.

I narrate such a story to my audience not to draw out their sympathy which though touchingā€¦

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