Breaking Out

There are times in our time when we wish dearly to escape the mundane and embrace a life thoroughly differently from the one we live now. This was written by a younger self filled with angst and emotion. Such feelings are from which this poem has sprung from are from that former standpoint, which I now gaze at in both recognition and bewilderment….


My very mortal soul,

Wants desperately,

To strain past and snap through

Every confining shackle,

every impediment and every shackle placed upon it.

So that it may be free,

Not in the sense of without responsibility,

But unhindered.

Where it is not a sin to be me.

Where it becomes absolutely okay,

To make new mistakes everyday.

And not to worry about another shackle,

confining me,

Stifling me,

And killing me.

Oh just to break free from it all.

And experience life in every vivid shade,

To escape the comfort of the monochrome.

And revel in the upheaval of emotions in the technicolor.

In a world perfectly orderly in its chaos,

And so timelessly vibrant,

Has to offer me so much more,

Of everything.



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