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As Humans (I sure hope, else sincerest apologies) we ail from a host issues ranging from abstract ones like a lack of empathy to real and tangible ones like corrupt governments and malnutrition. I believe the best way these issues and make ourselves aware of them is via discussion at least in our own minds is through discussion. I truly believe in the power of discussion, healthy discussion that promotes thought and introspection. We have a say, we can take a stand and tell our niche of the world what we think, whats okay and whats not.

“The aim of argument or discussion should not be VICTORY, but PROGRESS”

-Joseph Joubert

So well to cut to the chase, I thought it would be awesome, it there was a community on WordPress that shared opinions on important themes. I decided to name it Circle Space because a circle is essentially a loop made up of infinity points. Each point is essentially invisible but all are required to complete the circle. In the same way, our individual self’s, no matter how small are all a part of the solution. In knowing the perspectives and stories of others may we expand our minds and grow and learn.

The general idea is as follows,

  • Each week a new topic of discussion will be launched on a Saturday, (But im launching one today that is the 10th as an example)
  • People can use the comments to share their opinions and stories (please come back later to see your response)
  • Alternatively, you can post your perspective on your blog and leave a link in the comments.
  • It would also help to use the #circlespace, for greater visibility.
  • Ff you do not have a blog mail me your side of the story on,
  • Older topics will continue to be relevant.
  • Use the featured image when posting on your blog so the community knows where you are.

Also, I do know that any initiative needs fuel and I would wholeheartedly appreciate your support dear reader. This may be is commenting, blogging, spreading the word etc.

Ps; It does take time to put up a good comment or blog, and effort. Bot the investment will be worth it. Its not everyday that there is a discussion forum on an unbiased platform! you can post doubts in the comments also!

Spread the word!

the first edition of Circlespace;





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