When I was five I would comb the aisles in stores,

for toy cars, transformers and action figures of the Fantastic Four.

I saw somuch appeal in their shiny surfaces and exotic names.

My desire glinted off the cars lustrous frames.


But your hand would me away from there,

To another aisle where

The colors of pink, purple and red would assault the eye

I tried to motion to the other row but you prevented me oh Catcher in the Rye!


I left the mall with a purse in my hand

Pink and plasticky and pale and bland

The creases of my eyes formed a frown.

I sat with the car with my head hung down.


Later on you would buy be a dress when I wanted pants,

And pony dolls when I wished for elephants,

I went for ballet classes instead of joining the swim team.

I felt like I was coming apart at the seams.

Whilst going for music classs I wanted the drum,

But only the melancholic strains of the violin would you let me strum.


But I did it because I know you love me.

In my darkest moments you helped me see

I know you held my hand through the thick and thin

By my side when I would loose or win.



They say it is hard to face your enemies, well it not.

Enemies you can laugh at and boil away in  pot.

But with those who care, you can confront with no mirth

Scared forever, that they will get hurt.


I took an interest in girls, not boys… and for a while Iit would not sink,

Because I was dreading, oh dreading what you would think.


If I could find the words,

If those words would comply to unstick…

this is what I would tell you in a quick,

Maybe the aisle of life I traverse through,

To you may not me fine…

But Mother, this crazy crazy life…

Oh! Its mine.








  1. Ragazza Triste

    Hey. This is a very inspiring piece. I can feel that you’ve poured every emotion through the words and letters of this writing. I enjoyed reading this. I am Ragazza. Hello! I hope you could follow my blog, maybe you’ll get inspired too. :)b

    Liked by 1 person

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