What does Mohammad Ali and a 5 year old girl have in common?

Most of us I believe fumble along. Grappling with different forms of anxiety and worry, and self doubt and mistrust.

  • Will I get a new job?
  • What if my paycheck is not as good as Raymond’s?
  • I will never be a perfect son.
  • what will happen if I move out of home?
  • what if I am never able to watch the Force Awakens?


Here is some Advice to those jitterbugs,

  • If you don’t there is nothing possible…………KEEP LOOKING! and more importantly keep a chin up.
  • Screw Raymond, you probably wont remember him in a year
  • well you will have new experiences
  • The you will truly die an unfulfilled life. Period.

This worry merely drowns out our amazing amazing potential at this moment. We are plagued with doubt about our abilities which nibbles into our daily functioning like that pesky mole rat in your back yard.


Maybe it is time to reconcile with the fact that all that worry and anxiety was just as insignificant as a mole rat, but we relegated it to such an unnecessary position in our lives.

We say its Impossible at the smallest failure, but those bounds are self imposed jail or society imposed jails which we are worthy of breaking out of. Progress without failure is impossible, it is the equivalent of expecting a life with no turbulence.

(If you do live such a live though, there is something you need to do about it my friend, sanity is almost as bad, or probably worse than insanity.)

Pop Quiz:

What does Mohammad Ali and a 5 year old girl have in common?

During the time I took care of children, there was a little girl who was sitting in a corner drawing a picture. when she finished the picture, she put it up on the board for the entire class to look at. It was the picture of and elephant but it be frank..it hardly resembled one, looking more like winged grayish moth (I’m being generous)It was ridiculed by the entire class and the girl felt a little low innitially. But then she said something simple, but like most simple things well said, it swept me off my feet. To her class she said,

“Well..I like it”

She then smiled and commenced another masterpiece

There was a another young boy in Kentucky  (Hint Hint) who believe he was the best so much so that at a young age he called up a famous boxer to tell him that he is definitively the greatest. Not for a second, would he consider that he was beatable, he never worried about what his opponent was doing and only focused on what he had to do to get the job done. Such is the spirit, the resilience and fortitude of Mohammad Ali. He was truly his number one fan, and his greatest quality is in my opinion not his boxing prowess but is utter faith in himself.

We have something of value to learn from that, from both these individuals. The potential of self belief, a resource running up faster up than a puddle of water on a hot summer day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are capable of exactly such for yourself. You need to talk yourself into doing what you want. It begins when you realize that you are not only running this race but are also cheering yourself on.

External incentives come and go, do not wait for a carrot from your boss, go out there and buy your own carrot.


Create your own belief.

You owe so much to yourself.

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