The Journey Begins

The humble humanist

“And an old insistence – sometimes difficult to summon, but there none the less – that we will find a way beyond fear of each other, beyond bellicosity, a way into our humanity.”-Arthur Miller

Dear Quester,

Thank you for taking the time off to visit my blog, thehumblehumanists . The site is a collection of my thoughts and recollections not at random but about very specific and pertinent matters that plague my during times of introspection, bouts of which I ail from rather frequently.  In addition the I feel it absolutely necessary to pen down my thoughts, or they tend to get a little bothersome. (Worms that wriggle around my brain, within my skull, picking off bits of sanity)

The reason for the rather odd site name is because I Identify with Humanists, a school of thought in psychology with brilliant thinkers like Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. In addition…

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