The Infinity War review

4.5/5 Stars

When I went in for this movie, the only thing running through my head was that marvel had bit off more than they can chew with this one. It was going to be an all out movie with their greatest antagonist Thanos (the guy who finally agreed to get off his chair), The original 5 avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and latest installments like Dr Strange and Black Panthers crew. I felt like it was going to become a bit like an all stars kinda thing or in other words, a mess. However, I left the cinema hall feeling as if I had watched the finest marvel has to offer. There was a clever technique employed to spread out our heros and seldom did the experience feel overwhelming.

The plot picks up from where we left at Thor Ragnorok, all the Asgardians aboard the carrier spaceship when The looming form of an even larger spaceship confronts them, belonging to none other than the elusive Thanos, his Gauntlet furnished with a single infinity stone taken from the Nova Corps and a group of replaceable cronies. I will not delve too much into the details but rest assured the casualties of the craft are high. Marvel has learnt to be less possessive of their characters. Thanos wields a power which far surpasses the other Marvel Villians.avengers-infinity-war-trailer-breakdown-analysis-thanos-infinity-gauntlet_106.png However, he is not a flatly evil character like the Dark Elf, Hela, Quills father Ego or Ultron. He has been endowed with subtle character nuances; he is taken over with the desire to wipe out half the life in the universe with the rationale that the finite resources in the planet would last much longer. The way in which he can do this is by acquiring all 6 infinity stones. One can easily perceive him as mislead and slightly mad and opposed to outright devious, There are moment where one cannot help but even see the perverse sense in his mission.

As expected (drumroll please anyways) it is up to the whole Marvel entourage to prevent this Man from acquiring the remaining stones. The technique I described earlier to dispersing our heroes was in the employment of clever subplots that mingle character from different universes and tie up to the climax. For instance, we have Spider-man, Tony Stark and Dr Strange going on a separate mission to secure one stone. The ego Clash between these two vastly intelligent sometimes overbearing men is delightful to watch. Spider-man Not only causes comic relief but a shout out to Tom Holland here for his vastly improved acting providing real comic relief and even some meaningful lines. When Stark tells him to go home he says, “I cant be a friendly neighborhood Spider-man if there is no neighborhood to protect” The Guardians and Thor unite unexpectedly to secure another stone. The rest of the crew remained earth borne. The introduction of our multiple protagonists is done well, allowing their presences to be well imbibed in the overall plot.

https _blogs-images.forbes.com_scottmendelson_files_2018_03_avengers-infinity-war-wakanda-standoff-1200x799.jpg

There is characteristic humor sprinkled throughout the plot like Hulks confusion on returning to earth, or the banter between Rocket and Thor, even iron Man puts on his best. Notice how I used the word sprinkled, so unlike Thor Ragnorok where even serious moments are turned to a joke. One cannot feel that this time underneath all the humor lies  dark brushstrokes of foreboding, fear and panic. The stakes are higher than they ever were and the foe is almost unbeatable. It does not do too badly for the movie thought and arguable one of the darkest movie Marvel has ever produced.

The Run Time of 2 hours and 40 minutes seems too long but believe me when I say every second was essential, for introductions and to show off the individualistic skill of each hero. Though I must sat that the move is quite unforgiving for the novice marvel viewer, who would need some back knowledge of previous movies to make proper sense of the tightly packed plot.

The conclusion of the movie only left me hungry for more. So go watch this movie, and if you are a marvel fan it would be a sin to miss it. Also, tell me what you felt about the movie in the comments





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