(The mixed up files)


This idea came to me all of a sudden and I thought hey! How would a creature outside the planet perceive our cultures and customs? Would he be enamored of them or disgusted? Meet Korg and his/her human friend Kalpana. Korg has a curious method of information processing, visible in his/her thought bubble.(translated from kupe) Together they travel and attempt to make sense of what has happened on this planet and what is happening.

The Thought bubbles were sorely inadequate for a backstory so here goes,

korgs spaceship crashed on earth mere years after the creation of the planet, he has been cluelessly wandering earth since…his time here allows him to pick up several languages. However he has kept mostly to himself until Kalpana. Kalpana is the only one who can perceive Korg in his alien form. they befriend each other (after the initial shock) and Kalpana a photojournalist, documents the time she spends with korg. Korg is amazingly…atheletic, you expected intelligent right? But nope the brains are Kalpanas. Korg however is highly perceptive and has the a singly but highly useful ability know as confusion, Korg can induce a human to temporarily believe that they know him. this allows him to enter into conversation with nearly anyone. Watch their journey unfold…..




And so it begins…..

#1 Great Guns





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