Desire- An intro

Exposed to romance at a young age, I have been consistently drawn to the element of desire in human nature. However, in contrast to this spirited energy, an internal feeling of resistance and refusal has arisen within me which gives me the general impression that I am not worthy of experiencing such passion. This sense of rejection within me has been shaped by some of my experiences in the past which hinder me from being present and motivate me to seek salvation in the never ending possibilities of the future. Moreover, I have drawn reference to one of my most favorite plays, A Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams in which one of the central  themes are appearance and reality or fantasy and illusion.



Hoping against hope,

I take salvation in the uncertainty of what is to come.

Memories cling like infants desperate for their mothers,

They trail along the frail ends of where

her nerve cells are undone.

The Now is the iron thumb

of the law of attraction,

I pit myself with the pity

of pretty desires,

Desires like love and lust and physical magnetism.

They reside with my salvation

I call them lies.

But pretty lies they are that make up my mental prism,

A battlefield where hope fights hope,

and want and longing are thrown in catapults

to destroy the enemy’s hostile siege.

From this destruction arise honey sodden paper planes,

Like words saturated with meaning that are lost on me.

So to you, I ride as I always have,

In a Streetcar named Desire.


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