The truth about Marvel

I have grown up watching and loving marvel films. I remember being blown away, every single time by the intense action, witty dialogue and excellent CGI. However recently after watching the recent smash hit movie Black Panther, I felt both listless and empty. Not during the movie, it was a few days after and i wondered why, me of all people, who had been in awe of the avengers, battled alongside wolverine and felt the raw power of hulks sinewy arms and the finesse of hawk-eyes arrows. This however seemed to be the feelings of a distant past.

I realized with growing horror that it was not the movies that had changed but it was me. Why such had come to be was nagging me really, so I attempted to put my finger on the aberrant, non sequitur thought. And I did vastly pleasing my prosaic character.I wondered…..

What sort of hero was I emulating? What god and what idol?


Why is it that we lowly mortals who are maybe not so lowly……need saving from some hero with godlike powers, an individual with an astonishing IQ or superhuman strength?What I was asking myself quietly is whether we are incapable if saving ourselves.

We can.

This is not by deferring responsibility but by doing the brave and somewhat immensely courageous thing….reconciling with ourselves, how we may not have a mighty hammer or an IQ of 200+, but we are the only who can save ourselves really. We do not need an adamantium skeleton (though that would be truly wicked), our current frame will do just fine.

In creating a superhero to save us …it seems to imply that we are beyond saving ourselves. If glorifies act of mass valor, making it appear like whatever we do is too little and too inadequate in the larger scheme of things. We count ourselves out too easily.

However we most never discount assuming acts of kindness like doing the dishes or helping a younger sibling with homework are just as monumental.

No matter how much we may want to deny it, we are just foot soldiers in the squadron of humanity.Being a foot soldier is undesirable to some but every army needs them. And if one honors that position and understand that change is change no matter how small, they can go watch the next marvel movie with a sense of serenity at that awareness

I know I will.

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